Chuck Harris: Who Makes up the Warehouse?

This is the first of a series of interviews getting to know the employees that make up the warehouse. Stay tuned for more!

Name: Chuck Harris

How long they have been working for Stage Nine: Six years as of May 2019

What they do/ position: Shop Foreman. Chuck works on all the building, as well as the finish work. He gets exhibits ready for load out, as well as whatever else needs to be worked on.

Favorite part about working for Stage Nine: “The different exhibits we get to build for different centers, or wherever you go. I like the travel part, it’s a lot of fun”. Chuck has traveled as far as Shanghai, China for work, and his favorite place he has gone to is Canada, and all the spots in it.

What they are currently working on: Starting to build cabinets for games, ie. Battleship, as well as prepping for the LA County fair, and working on Popnology and Toytopia.

Favorite memory or exhibit: “Working on the road with Troy Carlson (CEO) [. . .] we make it a fun atmosphere”. “It’s really fun going out with the group and going exploring, I just like being around all of my workers and everything, it’s fun”.

Best lesson learned on the job: “You have to work hard to get what you want. Nothing is for free. You have to work hard for success”.

Fun Fact: Chuck helped work on the epic Halloween Party my brother and I threw in 2014. Chuck was crucial in developing and executing the ride we built for the guests at the party.