Dinosaurs... And So Much More


Stage Nine Exhibitions is proud to present a highly anticipated, unique experience for all ages. 

165 million years in the making, Expedition: Dinosaur combines life-size, lifelike animatronic dinosaurs with realistic movements and sound with fascinating and educational interactive experiences. 
We take visitors from the early days of Cope and Marsh's "Bone Wars" and the pioneering work of Roy Chapman Andrews, to today's cutting edge technology.
Expedition: Dinosaur can be tailored to fit your space and budget requirements, and can be configured for indoor or outdoor display. Our Stage Nine team of experts will help you customize the exhibit and provide complete technical support. 

Stage Nine delivers stunning realism in a variety of species. Below are just a sample of the robotic creatures and interactive and educational experiences in Expedition: Dinosaur.



  • Complete exhibit consisting of up to 14 animatronic dinosaurs, exhibition walls, displays and framed artifacts, interactive elements, signage & stations
  • Retail storefront for Expedition: Dinosaur-related merchandise and capability to integrate with existing on site merchandising plans
  • Consultation – site analysis, custom designed floor plan to fit your exhibit space
  • Full staff and Production Manager to oversee local operations (install & dismantle)
  • Marketing Handbook with key art, press photos, video, and template press releases


  • Entrance credentials for all staff and any exhibition volunteers.
  • Level site, cleared exhibition space.
  • Trench or overhead 110/120v electrical service, installed by presenter.
  • Load in / load out assistance. 2 to 3 person crew required.
  • 1 or 2 Fork Lifts with operator for install and removal with fork extensions available on site.
  • 2 pallet jacks available on-site for duration of load in / strike.