Your Visitors Will Unwrap a World of Flavorful Fun in an Interactive and Magical Setting.


We've created a user experience that's a perfect blend of traditional and modern education techniques- facts, interactivity, and sheer fun. Visitors explore content designed to inform in an interesting and engaging format.

  • Interactive video and audio displays
  • Interesting, educational graphics
  • Candy-inspired art, including large, stunning replicas of famous paintings created with jelly beans
  • Candy's history and role in popular culture

The Rock Candy Mountain is the central hub and primary visual highlight of the exhibits which includes interactive displays and photo opportunities.

We explain ingredients from a 'farm to fork' perspective, inviting guests to learn more of the stories behind the label, and take them on an educational journey into the nuts and bolts of the candy and chocolate-making process. They also learn the fascinating stories of famous candy makers and chocolatiers.

Sweet: A Tasty Journey has been very popular with our audiences, both young and old. The member preview that we held for Sweet was the best attended exhibit preview we’ve ever had.
— Bishop State Museum of Natural and Cultural History, Honolulu, Hawaii


Mine Shaft
Fun electronic interactive
Beanboozled Taste
Test Game
Wildly popular and fun
Candy-Inspired Art
A real dress made of
gum wrappers and more

Factory Equipment
Real and up close
The Science of
Cooking Candy

Challenging interactive

Jingle Match Game
Audio interactive
Giant Candyland Game
Big hit with small visitors
Sweethearts Photo Op
Valentine’s Day theme
Coloring Station
Learning activity
Real Life Willy Wonkas
Amazing stories
Stop Motion Station
Hands-on interactive
Jelly Belly Art
Large, elaborate pieces


Space Requirements: 7,000 sq ftAND LOGISTICS

Venue responsible for inbound shipping


  • Complete exhibit consisting of exhibition walls, displays and framed artifacts, interactive elements, signage & stations
  • Retail storefront for Hall of Heroes related merchandise and capability to integrate with existing on site merchandising plans
  • Consultation – site analysis, custom designed floor plan to fit your exhibit space
  • Full staff and Production Manager to oversee local operations (install & dismantle)
  • Marketing Handbook with key art, press photos, video, and template press releases
  • Optional Features available at additional cost:Artist signings – Voice Actors – Industry Talent


  • Minimum Access Height: 96"
  • Minimum Access Width: 96"
  • Storage: 1000 Sq Feet
  • Forklift With Fork Extensions
  • 2 Pallet Jacks (one standard + one extended)
  • 1 (minimum) Johnson Bars (j-bar)
  • Elevated Loading Dock for 53' Dry Van OR Forklift
  • 4 Heavy-duty Furniture Dollies
  • Entrance credentials for all staff and any exhibition volunteers.
  • Level site, cleared exhibition space.
  • Trench or overhead 110v Power to each exhibit component
  • Load in / load out assistance. 2 to 3 crew members minimum
  • Exhibit Lighting Focused and Provided By Venue