Invite Your Visitors To a World of Rediscovery, Delight, and Wonder


Toytopia visitors learn about the origins of toys, who made them, and why they are fun and dear to us. They discover why some toys succeeded and some failed, which toys have become collector’s items and why.

How are tin toys made? What toys were popular in every decade of the twentieth century? How did G.I. Joe talk without batteries? Are my childhood toys worth putting on eBay? Toytopia satisfies es the curiosity of visitors of all ages with beautiful, compelling and informative displays. Photo opportunities include a Monopoly car token big enough to sit in and an 8’ high Etch-A-Sketch, the world‘s largest.

Toytopia is not just about toys. Real working video arcade games from the 1970s and 80s are available for play. There’s also a life-size dollhouse!

Stage Nine proudly partners with several key players in the toy industry, such as Hasbro, Schylling, Schleich, Crayola, and Ohio Art , which
gives this exhibit unprecedented access to a vast collection of rare artifacts, stories, information, and interactive elements.

Toytopia was a highly popular exhibit that quickly became a visitor favorite. It had broad, cross-generational appeal with a variety of engaging interactive elements. Even a year after leaving our facility, we still have visitors asking when it will be coming back! I would absolutely recommend Toytopia to any family-oriented museum looking for a crowd-pleasing exhibit.
— Bob Levine, Exhibit Project Manager, McWane Science Center


Bachmann Train Layout/How It’s Made
6’x10’ intricately detailed
and landscaped scale
layout with cutaways
revealing construction details,
plus a wooden train set play
area on a low table

Jack in The Box
The science of toys, from Furby
to radiometers, plus magnetic
interactive play walls

LEGO Train Layout
Working electric train set
runs through an inventive

LEGO landscape
Keva Planks,Lincoln Logs,
Brain Teasers play areas

World’s Largest
Etch A Sketch

An 8’ tall Photo Opp!
Skill Based Toys Cabinet
Toys available for play
Retro Arcade Area
Working, classic games
Life Size Doll House
Children love playing inside
Life Size Monopoly Car
Visitors can sit inside for
a unique photo opportunity

Zoltar/ Movies About Games
Robotic fortune teller
LEGO Play Area/LEGO Wall
Dozens of LEGO pop culture
figures are on display


Space Requirements: 6,000 sq ft

Venue responsible for inbound shipping


  • Complete exhibit consisting of exhibition walls, displays and framed artifacts, interactive elements, signage & stations
  • Retail storefront for Hall of Heroes related merchandise and capability to integrate with existing on site merchandising plans
  • Consultation – site analysis, custom designed floor plan to fit your exhibit space
  • Full staff and Production Manager to oversee local operations (install & dismantle)
  • Marketing Handbook with key art, press photos, video, and template press releases
  • Optional Features available at additional cost:Artist signings – Voice Actors – Industry Talent


  • Minimum Access Height: 96"
  • Minimum Access Width: 96"
  • Storage: 1000 Sq Feet
  • Forklift With Fork Extensions
  • 2 Pallet Jacks (one standard + one extended)
  • 1 (minimum) Johnson Bars (j-bar)
  • Elevated Loading Dock for 53' Dry Van OR Forklift
  • 4 Heavy-duty Furniture Dollies
  • Entrance credentials for all staff and any exhibition volunteers.
  • Level site, cleared exhibition space.
  • Trench or overhead 110v Power to each exhibit component
  • Load in / load out assistance. 2 to 3 crew members minimum
  • Exhibit Lighting Focused and Provided By Venue